What Critics Are Saying

Praise for Half of What You Hear

Incredibly intriguing, Half of What You Hear is a must-read that artfully delves its way through the layers of gossip, secrets and lies of the small and seemingly charming town of Greyhill, where everyone knows your name, and oh so much more. Buckle up for a fun ride and one thing is for sure: you won’t know who to believe until the very end.
— Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, bestselling authors of Girls’ Night Out

Praise for Save Me

Lewis gets it just right in her examination of how tiny cracks can shatter in a marriage that gets ‘cemented in the fable’ of what being together is supposed to be.
— Publishers Weekly
Kristyn Kusek Lewis defines heartbreak with deep understand- ing and compassion in Save Me. I swung from hope to rage, and back again as I followed Daphne through the shattering after effects of infidelity. Lewis portrays neither angels nor demons, but the aching reality that marriage can become, along with the possibility of grace that love offers.
— Randy Susan Meyers, author of Accidents of Marriage and The Comfort of Lies

Praise for How Lucky You Are

In this wise and compulsively readable debut, Lewis follows three thirtysomething female friends and tackles even the heaviest of subjects with a restrained and self-assured hand, avoiding sentimentality while displaying an impressive emotional range. I could smell the doughnut muffins, taste the margaritas and feel each high and low right along with the delightful characters. If you’ve ever had a best friend or been a best friend, this is a book for you.
— Meg Mitchell Moore, author of The Arrivals and The Admissions
How Lucky You Are is a compelling, insightful, and moving tale of the ever-shifting terrain of female friendship and the secrets we keep even from those who love us most.
— Meg Donohue, USA Today bestselling author of Every Wild Heart and Dog Crazy
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